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A world leader in sensor technology.

InnaLabs® Markets

We combine rare inertial sensor expertise, with operational excellence and world-class customer engineering support to solve complex navigation, stabilisation and guidance challenges within space, aerospace, land and marine markets.
Space Satellite 1000 x 700


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InnaLabs® is a World Leader in inertial sensor technology for GEO, LEO, MEO & Scientific Missions. Our experienced engineering team collaborates with Primes for integrating InnaLabs® proprietary Coriolis Vibratory Gyroscopes & Quartz Pendulous Accelerometers to space platforms. Our space systems deliver high performance at a reduced cost & mass with proven space heritage with Europes Primes.

Aeroplane 1000 x 700


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InnaLabs® is Europe's No.1 Navigation Grade Accelerometers Manufacturer in the open market. Our aerospace applications include inertial navigation systems, inertial measurement units, flight control, & airborne platform stabilisation. As a dynamic company, our design & manufacturing team are there to assist our customers in providing an innovative solution at every phase of development & across the whole product lifecycle.

Antennas on Land 1000 x 700


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InnaLabs® disruptive Coriolis Technology is currently replacing DTG gyroscopes worldwide. Our gyroscopes achieve high-accuracy stabilisation performance at a much higher MTBF and at a significantly lower cost. For navigation & tactical grade performance, our accelerometers provide exceptional accuracy & reliability for the most demanding land applications such as land navigation, platform stabilisation & more.

Emerging Tech 1000 x 700

Emerging Technology

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InnaLabs® technology roadmap has been developed over a period of time for demanding space customers and for harsh environments. Our sensors and systems are now readily available and they offer customers a unique opportunity to develop and enhance their products. We are in full control of the product lifecycle, which allows us to create affordable, high performing inertial systems when cost, accuracy, robustness and lead-time are paramount.

Drilling at Sea 1000 x 700

Drilling Navigation & Survey

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InnaLabs® has successfully developed a high-temperature gyroscope at a cost-effective price which is exciting the drilling market. Our High-Tem Coriolos Sensing Element is the only sensor in the world to successfully operate at 185°C, has an azimuth accuracy of better than 0.1 deg, and is offering an alternative to mechanical gyroscopes because of its high MTBF and reduced cost. Our Engineers are flexible to accommodate custom requirements.

Ship at Sea 1000 x 700


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For advanced maritime systems, InnaLabs® has a high level of innovative technology that supports maritime specific requirements. InnaLabs® proprietary design of high-performing accelerometers, gyroscopes and systems attracts many customers for applications such as navigation systems, positioning, stabilisation, manoeuvering, heading systems, and other sensitive systems. Our Engineers can also create customised solutions when requested.

Why Choose InnaLabs®

Innovative Solution 

Highly skilled and experienced engineering team committed to ongoing Research and Development. 


Excellent Pre and Post Sale Customer Support. 


Custom Solutions to meet your project needs.

Value Add 

Competitive Pricing and Fast Delivery. 


High-Performance, dependable and superior quality inertial sensors. 

Made in Europe

InnaLabs® is a reliable European supplier, with on-time delivery of ITAR-Free products globally.

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