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A world-leader in the development and manufacture of cutting-edge Space sensor technology.

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InnaLabs® Gyroscopes Hours in Space

InnaLabs® Gyroscopes on 19 Satellites

InnaLabs® Innovative Technology

InnaLabs® is Europe's No.1 inertial sensor provider for Space Micro-launchers, Satellite Constellations, and Telecommunications Satellites. From sensor design, manufacturing, assembly and quality, we have complete ownership of our product development cycle. InnaLabs® sensors fulfil key market specifications while also following the most stringent quality standards required by the Space Industry. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and we comply with the European Space Agency's ECSS standards.


Additional product specifications, outline drawings and block diagrams, and test data are available on request.

Our Space Milestones

InnaLabs® Space Milestones has rapidly expanded to include the development of Space qualified gyroscopes, accelerometers and space inertial measurement systems. 

Market Requirements

Many satellites require sensors to provide critical functions such as stabilization, pointing, speed measurement and cruise rotation. To achieve this, sensors must have an ultra-low random walk, excellent gyro drift, be Rad-Hard, reliable and lightweight. 
In the last few years, InnaLabs® has realized the potential for its proprietary technology in the space industry and has since gained extensive interest from the European Space Agency (ESA) and other space Prime contractors. Since 2014 InnaLabs® been successfully audited by major European and American Space companies. 
Enterprise Ireland, ESA and InnaLabs Delegates

InnaLabs® Space Heritage

In 2016, twenty of InnaLabs® CVG were orbiting Earth on board of LEO satellites into sun-synchronous orbits for Earth Observation and more than 270,000 hours in space have passed so far without any performance deviation. By December 2018, InnaLabs® had won its first contract with the European Space Agency (ESA) to develop ARIETIS, a 3-axis Rad-Hard Rate Measurement Unit for the global commercial space market. Very recently, in December 2019, ARIETIS Preliminary Design Review (PDR) was successfully completed and passed, and the next phase of the development has now commenced with the delivery of an Engineering Qualification Model (EQM) for commercial availability starting in 2020.

InnaLabs® profiled on the RTE National News at the launch of Irelands National Space Strategy for Enterprise, Dublin Ireland 19th June 2019.

InnaLabs® is currently negotiating with a number of Space Primes the use of ARIETIS on a variety of missions, including Science, Earth Observation, Telecom, as well as Navigation. First contracts are expected to be signed in 2020, with production units to be shipped from 2021-2022.


InnaLabs® Space Milestones Timeline

InnaLabs® established its space heritage
We established our space heritage with the successful delivery and operations of gyroscopes for an LEO constellation.
InnaLabs® announce €2.6m contract with ESA
The objective of the contract is to the development, manufacturing, and qualification of ARIETIS. End applications are scientific missions (e.g., PLATO) as well as LEO for Earth Observation, MEO for Navigation, and AOCS in GEO with an in-orbit lifetime of up to 15 years.
InnaLabs® awarded Aquila Space Accelerometer Contract
InnaLabs® was awarded the contract to develop the Aquila Rad-Hard Space Accelerometer by the European Space Agency.
InnaLabs® Celebrate 1,000,000 hours in space
At 11 am on the 9th of October 2019, InnaLabs® Gyroscopes achieved 1,000,000 operating hours in space (with no failures or performance degradation) using more than 50 gyros on board 13 satellites in orbit. Our technology is being used to stabilise high-resolution cameras in a number of low earth orbit satellites.
InnaLabs® ARIETIS-NS Selected for ESA's Space Mission HERA
InnaLabs® ARIETIS-NS, a Rad-Tolerant Gyro System has been selected by the European Space Agency (ESA), OHB and GMV for Hera; A Planetary Defence Mission to support deep-space navigation.

Space Applications

Our sensors can be used in Low Earth Orbit (LEO), Medium Earth Orbit (MEO), Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO), Telecommunications satellite, Exploration Missions, and Re-entry vehicles. 

ESAs Planetary Transits and Oscillations of stars (PLATO)

Photo by the European Space Agency 

Inertial Solutions 

LEO, MEO, AOCS in Geostationary Orbits and Science missions applications require high performing, high accuracy inertial sensors at low cost for pointing, stabilizing and navigation of space satellites and vehicles. InnaLabs® inertial sensors and systems provide inertial data for star trackers, space vehicles, earth observations, scientific and telecom applications. 

Recommended System

RAD-Hard Gyroscope Systems

New Space Applications 

The commercial communication satellites industry is growing due to increasing demands for broadband Wi-Fi by satellite on airlines, land vehicles and for digital television satellite. InnaLabs sensors can also be used in most Earth Orbit, Telecom, Re-entry vehicles and MEO missions. As such, not only will space vehicles require accelerometers to be integrated for IMUs, overall, inertial sensors need to be high performing but lower cost. 

Recommended Solutions

RAD-Tolerant Gyroscope Systems

Space Inertial Measurement Unit

RAD-Hard Space Accelerometer

CVG New Space

ESAs ARIEL Mission-1

ESA's Science Mission  ARIEL (Atmospheric Remote-Sensing Infrared Exoplanet Large-survey), a space observatory which will observe transits of nearby exoplanets to determine their chemical composition and physical conditions. Photo by ARIEL Space Mission. 


Browse our library of inertial sensor technical papers for an in-depth view of our Space Sensors.

Customised Solution

InnaLabs® have the Engineering resources to provide custom solutions to meet your project needs, with excellent pre and post-sale customer support. 

Flexibility for Project Requirements

InnaLabs® dedicated and experienced engineers are committed to customer satisfaction by providing innovative technology, quality products, and custom solutions to meet your project needs. More questions? Evaluations and low volume deliveries are available quickly and our product team are waiting to hear from you. 

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