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ROV & AUV Solutions

InnaLabs® Inertial Sensors deliver stable performance in a number of in a small, lightweight and rugged packages

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Tactical grade gyroscopes, supplied with a rugged and hermetic housing able to withstand the harshest environmental conditions. 

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Detecting and mapping submerged wrecks, rocks, and obstructions can be dangerous to navigate for commercial and recreational vessels. Instead, scientists use high-tech robots such as Remotely operated vehicles (ROV) and Automated Underwater Vehicles (AUV) to conduct surveys of the seafloor. ROVs and AUVs are used for positioning and guidance for sub-sea infrastructure monitoring, off-shore and survey missions. Given that the cost to produce and maintain ROVs and AUVs are considerably high, having the right sensors is paramount to securely transmit accurate data.  ROVs and AUVs require gyroscopes to fulfil this function as pitch and roll data is needed to provide an accurate picture of the vehicle's orientation. InnaLabs® Coriolis Vibratory Gyroscopes and Quartz Servo Accelerometers not only provide sensors that produce excellent navigation and stabilization, but they also have a wide bandwidth, low power consumption, high-reliability and the highest mean time before failure (MTBF) on the market.


For positioning, guidance & stabilization of sub-sea infrastructures monitoring, offshore survey and cartography. 

InnaLabs® Accelerometers are Control, Measurement and Navigation Grade high-performing products. Their excellent long-term accuracy and superior reliability make the obvious choice for AHRS and IMU systems developers for ROVs and AUVs. 
Key Features  
For Accelerometers, InnaLabs® AI-Q-21x0 Series Accelerometers are an excellent solution  due to the following specifications: 
  • Navigation Grade Performance 
  • Input range (±15 g)
  • Analogue current output
  • Compact, rugged design 
  • High Reliability 
  • High Stability under temperature changes  (-55°C to +95°C) 

Recommend Accelerometer

AI-Q-560 Accelerometer      AI-Q-2110 Accelerometer
AI-Q-2120 Accelerometer    AI-Q-2130 Accelerometer
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For stabilization, InnaLabs® CVG Gyroscopes are an excellent solution as they produce outstanding Bias Stability and Low Noise which are critical to the ROVs and AUVs. Our gyroscopes are also able to provide stable performance over different temperature changes while producing great Angula Random Walk. 
Key Features  
InnaLabs® CVG Gyroscopes are an excellent solution  due to the following specifications: 
  • In-run Bias Stability (0.1 °/√hr)
  • Angular Random Walk (0.00G °/√hr)
  • Temperature (-45°C to +85°C)
  • Good Vibration sensitivity 
  • Low Measurement Range
  • High bandwidth (≥ 300 Hz)
  • Quick start-up time (1-sec typical)
  • MTBF >500, 000
  • 1, 2, and 3-axis assemblies

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N-Series Gyroscopes

Inertial Sensors 

InnaLabs® CVG Gyroscopes and Quartz Servo Accelerometers are suitable for a wide range of ROVs & AUVs Applications. 

Customised Solution

InnaLabs® have the Engineering resources to provide custom solutions to meet your project needs, with excellent pre and post-sale customer support. 

Flexibility for Project Requirements

InnaLabs® dedicated and experienced engineers are committed to customer satisfaction by providing innovative technology, quality products, and custom solutions to meet your project needs. More questions? Evaluations and low volume deliveries are available quickly and our product team are waiting to hear from you. 

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