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InnaLabs® Land Sensor Technology

Todays's advanced systems demand the best and InnaLabs® high-performance accelerometers and gyroscopes meet the stringent requirements of our customers for precision, stabilization, navigation and orientation applications. InnaLabs® remains committed to improving performance and reliability which has made InnaLabs® a key supplier to prime contractors worldwide. Our range of inertial sensors provides critical inertial reference data essential for a variety of the most sophisticated land systems including stabilisation, guidance, and navigation applications. 

Land Applications

InnaLabs® high precision tactical and navigational grade sensors are designed to sustain and support land applications which include: Automated Guided Vehicles, North Finding, Platform Stabilization and many more.

Quartz Servo Accelerometers

Form, fit and function replacement for other leading accelerometers currently available on the market.

Coriolis Vibratory Gyroscope

Cost-effective, solid-state design with the highest MTBF (>500,000 hrs) on the market.


Browse our library of inertial sensor technical papers for an in-depth view of our Land Sensors.

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