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InnaLabs® Maritime Technology

Using proprietary sensor principles and technology, InnaLabs® develops solutions catering for stabilization needs to cover a wide range of marine platforms. From merchant ships to drilling platforms, InnaLabs® provides high-level innovative skill and knowledge to support maritime needs and requirements. Our sensors are focused on fulfilling the operational requirements of inertial systems seeking tactical grade performance, specifications such as low output noise, low bias error, large bandwidth, linearity, accuracy, small size, low weight, robustness and high reliability should be considered by system designers, integrators and OEMs.

Maritime Applications

InnaLabs® sensors are used for stabilization of moving Satcom and radio antennas on offshore areas, yachts, pleasure boats, cargo ships, cruise ships, fishery ships and more. 

Quartz Servo Accelerometers 

Form, fit and function replacement for other quartz servo accelerometer currently available on the market. 

Coriolis Vibratory Gyroscopes 

InnaLabs® CVG Gyroscopes are suitable for a wide range of applications with performance optimised variants available to meet these specific requirements. 


Browse our library of inertial sensor technical papers for an in-depth view of our Space Sensors.

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