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CVG Series 

Today's advanced systems deserve the best. 

Gyroscope Range

InnaLabs® CVG family of gyroscopic sensors are the preferred option of modernisation programs and new developments. 


Mechanical gyroscopes like Dynamical Tuned Gyros (DTG) generally provide good performance but do not compare favourably with solid-state technologies such as InnaLabs® Coriolis Vibratory Gyroscope (CVG), in terms of reliability and robustness, particularly when subjected to shock and vibration. The large number of components parts and the use of bearings to support the spinning mass result in a Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF) which is over an order of magnitude less than achieved by InnaLabs® CVG gyros.

InnaLabs® CVG Gyroscopes provides tactical grade performance in a variety of compact, robust form factors. These gyroscopes feature exceptional performance in bias stability, scale factor and Angular Random Walk. With the highest MTBF (500,000 hrs) and excellent robustness, InnaLabs® gyroscopes are the ideal solution for platform stabilisation, pan and tilt systems, electrical optical systems and more. 


InnaLabs® CVG operates using proprietary Coriolis Gyro principals. The sensing element design is based on the use of the cylindrical metal resonator with piezoelectrical elements used for driving & detecting the vibration motion. The 'solid-state' structure is extremely robust, reliable, can tolerate high levels of shocks & vibration without any detrimental effects on performance. 

The high gain of the piezoelectric elements delivers best in class noise performance. The control electronics operate in a closed-loop providing a high system bandwidth which is essential when operating in highly dynamic environments.  The combination of these design features has enabled InnaLabs® to produce a highly competitive range of tactical and industrial-grade performance gyros. These deliver extremely low noise and Angular Random Walk together with good stability and high bandwidth, all at a competitive price and with high availability. With the market-leading MTBF of over 500,000 hrs, the through-life system costs are also reduced, making the InnaLabs® CVG family of gyroscopic sensors the preferred option for modernisation programs and new developments for sophisticated land, sea and air systems. 

Gold CVG SE-1


InnaLabs® CVG family of gyroscopic sensors are the preferred option of modernisation programs and new developments. 


InnaLabs® CVG Gyroscopes are particularly suited for applications requiring tactical performance. 

Customised Solution

InnaLabs® have the Engineering resources to provide custom solutions to meet your project needs, with excellent pre and post-sale customer support. 

Flexibility for Project Requirements

InnaLabs® dedicated and experienced engineers are committed to customer satisfaction by providing innovative technology, quality products, and custom solutions to meet your project needs. More questions? Evaluations and low volume deliveries are available quickly and our product team are waiting to hear from you. 

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Browse our library of inertial sensor technical papers for an in-depth view of our Gyroscopes.


This seminar will focus on InnaLabs® High-Grade Coriolis Vibratory Gyroscopes for Stabilisation Control and Tactical Grade Systems. The presentation highlights the developments undertaken by InnaLabs® to develop high performance and low-cost Coriolis Vibratory Gyroscopes from its manufacturing site in Dublin, Ireland.