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High Speed Trains

Railway Solutions

InnaLabs® Inertial Sensors are an ideal solution for those involved in the railway sector, as these sensors can deliver high accuracy for improved travel times, and track and passenger safety. 

Newly Released Sensors

Our customer-focused engineering team can support you with an off the shelf robust sensor or support your development of a customised system. Take a look at our recently released inertial accelerometers. 

AI-Q-21X0 Series Accelerometers 

Why Choose InnaLabs®

InnaLabs® unique technology offers an ideal proven solution to the rail industry expert who is looking to improve metrics such as efficiency, safety and better customer experience, all at a very competitive price.

For railway developers and manufactures, ensuring that project costs are minimised, while not compromising passenger safety and comfort is critical. The key task for the developer at the designs stage is to achieve the lowest maintenance, highest availability, and maximum reliability. InnaLabs® sensors can deliver high accuracy for various train applications and improve key parameters such as stability control for low and high-speed trains, reduce train journey times and increase customer schedule attainment while improving passenger comfort and safety. InnaLabs® sensors have been successfully validated within the train transportation industry, due to their ability to withstand shock and vibration within extreme environments, their high-temperature sustainability while having the highest MTBF in their class (with more than 50 years MTBF) which allows for minimum maintenance over the lifetime of the train. 

Tilting Train Systems

Stability control for low and high-speed trains. 

Trains must be fitted with Train Tilting Systems to decrease the time duration for travel while also ensuring passenger safety and comfort. These systems require sensors to provide highly accurate data while also being exposed to powerful vibrations, extreme temperature ranges and a long lifetime endurance within the vehicle dynamics to enable a computer that determines the degree of corrective tilt required to ensure a smooth ride for the passengers. When assembled into measurement units,  InnaLabs® sensors are the critical components of the systems providing motion stability control for high-speed trains. Our gyroscopes provide roll and yaw rates, while our accelerometers can provide lateral acceleration output data.


InnaLabs® Technology 

InnaLabs® proprietary Coriolis Vibratory Gyroscopes has the highest MTBF (more than 50 years) on the market and with its 'solid-state' structure, these gyroscopes are extremely robust, reliable and can tolerate very high levels of shock and vibration without any detrimental effects on performance.
Our leading Quartz Servo Technology provides high-performing accelerometers that measure linear accelerations to the highest accuracy over the quickest time. 


Photo by Alstom SA. 

Tracking Testing Systems

Motion measurement for train-track surveillance


Rail companies are continually challenged by the need to health check the rail line infrastructure. Successful audits of the rail line have proven cost benefits in terms of reduced “downtime”, the longer life expectancy of key assets such as engines, carriages, and improvements regarding key metrics such as on-time scheduling while improving the customer experience in terms of customer experience and safety.
InnaLabs® technology is becoming the technology of choice for rail applications requiring high accuracy data for train-track surveillance. Our sensors are ideal for the measurement of roll rate, yaw rate, and track irregularities, while these robust sensors offer the best MTBF under the challenging conditions of heavy shock and vibrations all at a competitive cost. Furthermore, these gyroscopes are able to withstand the high vibrations of railway track testing without induced noise errors.

Inertial Sensors 

InnaLabs® Gyroscopes and Accelerometers provide low drift and superior noise performance. These sensors are specifically designed for railway applications and classified as commercial products. 

Customised Solution

InnaLabs® have the Engineering resources to provide custom solutions to meet your project needs, with excellent pre and post-sale customer support. 

Flexibility for Project Requirements

InnaLabs® dedicated and experienced engineers are committed to customer satisfaction by providing innovative technology, quality products, and custom solutions to meet your project needs. More questions? Evaluations and low volume deliveries are available quickly and our product team are waiting to hear from you. 

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Browse our library of inertial sensor datasheets and technical papers for an in-depth view of our inertial Sensors.