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High Speed Trains

Railway Solutions

InnaLabs® Inertial Sensors deliver tactical grade performance in a number of in a small, lightweight and rugged packages

Recommended Sensor

U-Series Gyroscopes

High-performing one and two axis gyroscopes that can be used in applications such as tilting train systems and track testing systems. 

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From stabilization and tilting systems to railway monitoring with track corrugation and vibration systems, railway systems make use of inertial sensors for different applications. InnaLabs® high-performance Coriolis Vibratory Gyroscopes and Quartz Servo Accelerometers meet the stringent requirements for railway applications that require guidance, stabilization, navigation and orientation. Our sensors have been incorporated in many systems around the world enabling our engineers to be able to deliver custom solutions to meet your project needs. 

Tilting Train Systems

Stability control for high-speed trains. 

All high-speed trains must be fitted with Train Tilting Systems in order to ensure passenger safety and comfort. These systems require sensors to provide highly accurate data on the vehicle dynamics to enable a computer that determines the degree of corrective tilt required to ensure a smooth ride for the passengers.  InnaLabs® sensors, when assembled into an Inertial Measurement Units, function as motion stability control for high-speed trains. Our gyroscopes provide superelevation roll rate and yaw rate while our accelerometers can provide a lateral acceleration output data.


InnaLabs® Technology 

The InnaLabs® CVG operates using well known Coriolis Gyro principals. The sensing element design is based on the use of a cylindrical metal resonator with piezoelectric elements used for driving and detecting the vibration motion. This 'solid-state' structure is extremely robust, reliable and can tolerate very high levels of shock and vibration without any detrimental effects on performance.
InnaLabs® Quartz Servo Technology provides a high-performance accelerometers with a medium size. The technology relies on a pendulum measuring the g force of the gravity and a servo loop containing a magnetic coil which compensates for the movement of the pendulum. The current generated by the control system is proportional to the applied force.
CVG SE in Clean Room

Tracking Testing Systems

Motion measurement for train-track surveillance

For the safety of rail passengers, accurate and detailed data on the track conditions is essential. InnaLabs® technology provides the best high-performance products for this application. Our inertial sensors provide data train-track surveillance, roll rate, yaw rate, and track irregularities. 
The accuracy needed in this demanding environment requires the best sensors. InnaLabs® Gyroscopes and Accelerometers provide low drift and superior noise performance which are critical to measuring superelevation angle. Furthermore, these gyroscopes are able to withstand the high vibrations of railway track testing without induced noise errors.

Recommend Sensor

AI-Q-710 Accelerometer


Inertial Sensors 

InnaLabs® CVG Gyroscopes and Accelerometers are suitable for a wide range of Train Applications. 

Customised Solution

InnaLabs® have the Engineering resources to provide custom solutions to meet your project needs, with excellent pre and post-sale customer support. 

Flexibility for Project Requirements

InnaLabs® dedicated and experienced engineers are committed to customer satisfaction by providing innovative technology, quality products, and custom solutions to meet your project needs. More questions? Evaluations and low volume deliveries are available quickly and our product team are waiting to hear from you. 

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