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Aerospace Applications

Our Tactical & Navigation grade sensors support avionics by making them safer and securer. 

InnaLabs® Aerospace Technology

InnaLabs® innovative solutions provide high performing, reliable, and efficient sensors that support the operational needs of the aerospace industry, such as civil aviation, helicopters, and unmanned vehicles. Our Tactical and Navigational grade sensors support avionics by making them safer and secure. Our sensors are focused on fulfilling the operational requirements of inertial systems seeking tactical grade performance, specifications such as low output noise, low bias error, large bandwidth, linearity, accuracy, small size, low weight, robustness and high reliability should be considered by system integrators and OEMs.

Aerospace Applications

Our sensors can be used in Flight Control Systems, Aerospace Inertial Navigation Systems (INS), Inertial Measurement Units (IMU), Medium-to-Large Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, GPS-denied environments, Stabilization of Gimbals, and aircrafts.  


Additional product specifications, outline drawings and block diagrams, and test data are available on request.


Browse our library of inertial sensor technical papers for an in-depth view of our Aerospace Sensors.

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