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Press Release for InnaLabs® Miniature Gyroscopes

Wed, 24 Jun, '20


InnaLabs® Miniature Gyroscopes, the E-Series Gyroscopes (≤200 cm³) and F- Series Gyroscopes (≤100 cm³) deliver tactical grade performance in the harshest conditions.

InnaLabs® Miniature Gyroscopes are tactical grade (< 10 deg per hour) CVG gyros providing critical performance information across a wide range of applications.  They are designed and rigorously tested to meet the most demanding navigation, stabilization, and precision pointing needs in extreme environments where shock, vibration, and wide temperature ranges are critical to the success of new and existing platforms.

With an industry-leading MTBF of >500,000 hours and available COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) in a packaged format with a digital output and a high shock value, the InnaLabs® Miniature Gyroscopes series allows system engineers to quickly implement stabilization and navigation and precision pointing features into projects.

Designing and manufacturing all its CVG gyroscope products at its headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, gives InnaLabs® complete flexibility to work with our customers to meet their unique project requirements.  Our significant ongoing investment in Research and Development combined with decades of engineering experience allows InnaLabs® to offer innovative solutions that deliver reliable quality products at competitive prices for a wide range of stabilization and guidance applications

The introduction of InnaLabs® Miniature Gyroscopes Series provides system designers and integrators with high performance, cost-effective, Non-ITAR solution for every application from mobile and fixed platform stabilization, manned and unmanned ground vehicles and automated guided vehicles.


About InnaLabs®

InnaLabs®, is a world leader in inertial sensor technology for GEO, LEO, MEO and Scientific Missions. As Europes No.1 market leader in Navigation Accelerometers, combined with our disruptive CVG Gyroscope technology,  we are proud to be an innovative solution provider for space, aerospace, land and maritime markets. InnaLabs®, are in full control of the product lifecycle, which allows us to create affordable, high performing inertial systems when cost, accuracy, robustness and lead-time are paramount. The research, development, and manufacturing operations are all conducted in Dublin, Ireland, with several more offices operating around the world.