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InnaLabs® welcomes ESA Director General Dr Jan Woerner

By InnaLabs® on Tue, 21 Jun, '16

Today, Dr. Jan Woerner, Director General of the European Space Agency (ESA) visited Innalabs® in Dublin as part of a tour of member states. InnaLabs® are working closely with Enterprise Ireland, ESA and European and North American prime contractors in the development of Gyroscopes for Space applications.  Gyroscopes are used in Attitude and Orbital Control Systems (AOCS) to estimate satellite attitude and pointing by accurately measuring angular rates.

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InnaLabs® welcomes NASA delegation

By InnaLabs® on Mon, 2 Nov, '15

InnaLabs® was delighted to welcome a NASA delegation from the Space & Satellite Conference to our headquarters last week.

The key message from the delegation was with the space and satellite industry expanding rapidly and becoming more commercially focused there is an increasing need to be more flexible with innovative solutions that can be delivered to the market quickly.

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InnaLabs® Introduces High-Performance Navigation Grade Accelerometers

By InnaLabs® on Tue, 22 Sep, '15

Today, at the Inertial Sensors and Systems Symposium Gyro Technology Conference at Karlsruhe, Germany, Mr Jose Beitia, Chief Technical Officer at InnaLabs® Ltd announced the release of new navigation grade Accelerometers to the InnaLabs® product portfolio.

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InnaLabs® introduces Rugged, Built in Europe, ITAR-Free Accelerometers

By InnaLabs® on Mon, 13 Jul, '15

InnaLabs® Ltd today introduced the newest additions to its series of Quartz Servo ITAR-Free Accelerometers. Built in Europe and offering improved long term stability, the AI-Q-2010AI-Q-1410 and AI-Q-710 are the latest addition to InnaLabs’ quality line of high-performance accelerometers targeted for navigation, tactical, control and measurement applications in the Aerospace, Industrial, Transport and Civil Engineering markets.

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InnaLabs® Certified ISO 9001:2008

By James Coburn on Fri, 30 Jan, '15

Dublin, Ireland: InnaLabs® Ltd has achieved ISO 9001 certification for its quality management system, which covers the design and manufacture of precision electromechanical sensors.

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InnaLabs® 2000 Series CVG Gyroscopes

By InnaLabs® on Wed, 24 Sep, '14


InnaLabs® 2000 series CVG Gyroscopes deliver tactical grade performance in the harshest conditions.

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Quartz Servo Accelerometer Series Launch

By InnaLabs® on Fri, 19 Sep, '14


InnaLabs® launch a new family of high-performance Quartz Servo Accelerometers.