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InnaLabs® & RocTel: A CISCO Case Study

Fri, 25 May, '18

Cormac Reid and James Corburn


Helping to Build InnaLabs® 2025 Technology Roadmap

From oceans wide to deep space, InnaLabs® precision exploration requires a telecoms network infrastructure to carry its weight so InnaLabs® staff can focus on inertial sensor development and innovation. Awarding RocTel the contract to manage our services has given InnaLabs® a platform to build from.

Due to the fact that InnaLabs® had inherited an outdated Cisco system in 2011, reviewing a new setup was required. To that end, RocTel came on board to design, develop, and deploy a bespoke solution for InnaLabs®. This has produced a full mesh single network, that not only improves security, but it also makes life far easier for InnaLabs® employees.

RocTel has now upgraded InnaLabs® telephony solution to a unified, flexible modular Cisco solution, eliminating the need for their landlines entirely, and RocTel has also updated most of InnaLabs® VoIP fleet to Cisco’s newer 8841 and 7841 handsets, which not only improved call quality but also provided a degree of mobility. An employee can be anywhere in their 100,000 square foot facility, sit down at any desk, log into any handset, and have their extension and voicemail at hand. InnaLabs® new VoIP and network infrastructure will also allow for integration with Cisco’s cloud-based collaboration tool, Spark ultimately. The upgrade is a scalable solution that provides video and voice calling, virtual meetings, and interactive whiteboard functionalities within InnaLabs® current facility. Because it is cloud-based, InnaLabs® will be able to extend our collaborative environment to future sites in Europe and the United States, as the company is pursuing an expansion strategy.

InnaLabs® technology roadmap entails several goals. To begin with, InnaLabs® plans include having a US presence in the next two years. Secondly, InnaLabs® also intends to move into the top tier of inertial sensor technology manufacturers. For this to be a reality, InnaLabs® need a scalable and reliable IT infrastructure to underpin and secure the company’s future goals. RocTel’s expertise in all of these areas, combined with Cisco’s products, made for a seamless transition for the InnaLabs® team.


About RocTel International
RocTel International, a growing Irish company, established in 2000, is an award-winning Business Communications Managed Service Provider. As a Certified Cisco partner for over a decade, RocTel specialises in providing the best telecommunications infrastructure to suit all your business requirements. We are focused on building our business in Ireland and the UK, servicing the local and international markets. Our service suite includes Voice, Broadband, IP Networks, Managed Services and Unified Communications Systems. We have commercial offices in Dublin City, City of London and satellite offices in the UK and Ireland and we can deliver services globally.




About InnaLabs®

InnaLabs®, is a world leader in inertial sensor technology for GEO, LEO, MEO and Scientific Missions. As Europes No.1 market leader in Navigation Accelerometers, combined with our disruptive CVG Gyroscope technology,  we are proud to be an innovative solution provider for space, aerospace, land and maritime markets. InnaLabs®, are in full control of the product lifecycle, which allows us to create affordable, high performing inertial systems when cost, accuracy, robustness and lead-time are paramount. The research, development, and manufacturing operations are all conducted in Dublin, Ireland, with several more offices operating around the world.