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InnaLabs® Celebrate 1,000,000 hours in space

Wed, 9 Oct, '19

At 11 am on the 9th of October 2019, InnaLabs® Coriolis Vibratory Gyroscopes will have achieved 1,000,000 hours in space with no failure. 
Our technology is being used to stabilise high-resolution cameras in a number of low earth orbit satellites. 
Space Team
Thank you to our colleagues in ESA and Enterprise Ireland for joining the celebration, and of course, a special thank you to the InnaLabs® Space Team.

Our Space Milestones

2016 - InnaLabs® established its space heritage,

InnaLabs® established its space heritage, with successful delivery and operations of gyroscopes for a LEO constellation. By March 2019 there are more than 50 gyros on board 13 satellites in orbit with more to come, that equates to 740,000 operating hours accumulated with no failures or performance degradation.

2018 - InnaLabs® Announces €2.6m contract with ESA.  

The objective of the contract is to the development, manufacturing, and qualification of ARIETIS. End applications are scientific missions (e.g., PLATO) as well as LEO for Earth Observation, MEO for Navigation, and AOCS in GEO with an in-orbit lifetime of up to 15 years.

José Beitia, CTO (Left); John OLeary, CEO (Middle);Irish Minister for Business, John Halligan

2019 - Awarded Aquila Space Accelerometer Contract.  

InnaLabs® was awarded the contract to develop the Aquila Rad-Hard Space Accelerometer by the European Space Agency.

2020 - Awarded Aquila Space Accelerometer Contract.  


About InnaLabs®

InnaLabs®, is a world leader in inertial sensor technology for GEO, LEO, MEO and Scientific Missions. As Europes No.1 market leader in Navigation Accelerometers, combined with our disruptive CVG Gyroscope technology,  we are proud to be an innovative solution provider for space, aerospace, land and maritime markets. InnaLabs®, are in full control of the product lifecycle, which allows us to create affordable, high performing inertial systems when cost, accuracy, robustness and lead-time are paramount. The research, development, and manufacturing operations are all conducted in Dublin, Ireland, with several more offices operating around the world.