ARIETIS is an ITAR free, space qualified, rad-hard gyro. It uses Hi-Rel class 1 components. It’s main application is either primary gyro or coarse rate sensor in LEO, MEO, GEO, telecom and exploration missions. ARIETIS is developed and qualified as per ESA standard (ECSS), meeting the most stringent quality requirements as per space industry standards.

Code: IN-IR-SP-E-10-0041

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Performance Parameters Value
Measurement range 3°/s (full performance)
48°/s (limited performance)
Switch-on response tie ≤ 6s
ARW ≤ 0.005°/√hr
Bias stability over 24hr (steady temperature) ≤ 1.5°/hr (1σ)
Bias stability over 1hr (steady temperature) ≤ 0.3°/hr (1σ)
Bias errors (all effects, EOL) ≤ 5°/hr (max)
Scale Factor repeatability errors (all effects, EOL) ≤ 700ppm (1σ)


Performance Parameters Value
EEE components Hi-Rel class 1
Output Angle increments or angular rates
Data Interface RS422 (baseline)
RS485 and CANbus optional
Reliability ≤ 500 FIT at 30°C
Mass 2.7 kg
Power consumption ≤ 8.5W
Radiation Designed for long life-time GEO missions of more than 15 years
Power Interface 28VDC nominal and up to 100 VDC
In-orbit calibration functionalities Yes
Temperature range Qualified to a temperature range of -40°C (-40°F) to +70°C (+158°F)
Vibration profiles during launch 26 grms

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