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Technical Paper

Preliminary Test Results from ARIETIS; A High to Medium Performance, Hi-Rel, Radiation Hardened Gyro


ARIETIS is instrumental in InnaLabs® strategy for access to Space as it generates several new capabilities in InnaLabs® gyroscopes at both electronic and Sensing Element (SE) levels. An enhanced gyro digital control loop system is being implemented featuring novel bias and scale-factor in-loop compensation techniques. Also, the gyroscope SE is made smaller and less sensitive to vibrations and microvibrations based on the implementation of an innovative dynamic balancing procedure. Ultimately, the key characteristics of ARIETIS are a low Angular Random Walk parameter (ARW) (i.e. ARW ≤ 0.005 °/√hr), in-run bias of less than 0.1°/hr 1s, and bias temperature stability of ~ 1°/hr 1s, delivered in a small, robust and low power consumption package. After a brief description of the InnaLabs® CVG basic principles, this paper provides an update on ARIETIS architecture, including the CVG SE, its key design features and the budget parameters. A comprehensive description of the digital control system being implemented is also provided, with emphasis on the selected parameters for achieving low noise and meeting bias performance requirements. Breadboard test results are presented to support the current progress, both at the CVG sensing element and of the overall digital gyroscope.

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