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Technical Paper

Miniature Accelerometer for High-Dynamic, Precision Guided Systems


In 2015, InnaLabs® reported on the development of a range of specialist, precision Quartz Pendulous Accelerometers. The performance requirement for these accelerometers was a key design driver for meeting the market needs within the tactical and the navigation grade market segments. In order to extend InnaLabs® offering to cutting edge, volume applications with more stringent and highly dynamic environments such as High-Dynamic Precision Guided Systems, InnaLabs has recently released its new miniature low-cost precision Quartz Pendulous Accelerometer, the AI-Q-550. This paper shows the key features and budgets delivered by this 80g-MEMS-size accelerometer. It describes the design, construction and operating principles, with a special emphasis on the physical properties leading to extremely low warm-up, low bias vibration rectification (VRE), and bias and scale factor temperature stabilities of 100μg and 100ppm, respectively.

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