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Technical Paper

High-grade CVG for Stabilisation Control Systems and Tactical Grade Systems



InnaLabs® has developed a high-grade Coriolis Vibratory Gyroscope (CVG) for stabilisation control systems and tactical grade systems. Based on a very unique design, the CVG is successful in covering at very low cost a wide spectrum of performances from 0.1°/hr to 10°/hr with an extremely low output noise better than 0.4 μrad up to 100 Hz, breaking with the trend driven by expensive and complex Fiber Optical Gyros (FOG) or Hemispherical Resonator Gyros (HRG).

After a quick description of the CVG basic principles and an overview of the CVG technical strengths in comparison to competing for available technologies, this paper provides statistical results recorded on the INL-CVG-GU200, an INNALABS Ltd two-axis gyro Unit, CVG based, currently in full series production in Dublin for the stabilisation control market. Some key performance parameters are presented, such as the bias temperature stability, bias vibration sensitivity, the short-term bias stability and the scale factor temperature stability. This will also show the CVG as a breakthrough alternative to existing solutions for applications like heading reference systems, flight control, guidance systems and North-finders.

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