Ideal for Automated Vehicles (ROV)

The AI-Q-2030 is built with state of the art Quartz Flexure technology suitable for delivering data monitoring capabilities and inputs into vehicle control systems. With its high input range and excellent long-term repeatability, the AI-Q- 2030 is an optimal solution for Automated Vehicles and other demanding land applications.

Key Performance Features

  • Low Noise/ARW
  • Good Bias Stability
  • Excellent tolerance to vibration
  • High input range
  • High reliability
  • Very long MTBF
  • Compact, rugged design



DUNS: 985077255

NAICS: 334511


Short-Run Availability

For the quantity of three, lead time on the AI-Q-2030 is available for delivery in four weeks.

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Parameters Units Values
Input Range g ±60
Bias mg <4
  One-year Composite Repeatability µg <160
  Temperature Sensitivity µg/°C <30
Scale Factor mA/g 1.2 to 1.46
  One-year Composite Repeatability ppm <310
  Temperature Sensitivity ppm/°C <180
Axis Misalignment µrad <2000
  One-year Composite Repeatability µrad <100
 Vibration Rectification µg/g2 RMS <20 (50-500 Hz)
<60 (500-2000 Hz)
Intrinsic Noise µg RMS <7 (0-10 Hz)
<70 (10-500 Hz)
<1500 (500-10000 Hz)
Operating Temperature °C -55 to +95
Shock g 250
Vibration Peak Sine g, Hz 15g @ 20 to 2000 Hz
Resolution/Threshold µg <1
Bandwidth Hz >300
Temperature Model Yes
Quiescent Current per Supply mA <16
Quiescent Power @±15VDC mW <480
Electrical interface Temp Sensor
Voltage Self Test
Current Self Test
Power/Signal Ground
-10VDC Output
+10VDC Output
Input Voltage VDC ±13 to ±28
Weight g 71 ±4
Diameter below mounting surface mm Ø 25.45 Max
Height – bottom to mounting surface mm 14.85 Max
Case Material 300 Series Stainless Steel


Accelerometer Dimensions (mm)

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