Ideal for Rail Measurement Systems

The AI-1410 is a tactical grade accelerometer, built with Quartz Flexure technology. Due to its analogue voltage output and excellent long-term repeatability, the AI-Q-1410 is an optimal solution for demanding Rail Measurement Systems and other challenging Tactical Measurement Systems.

Key Performance Features

  • Tactical grade performance
  • Good Bias
  • High input range
  • High stability under temperature changes
  • High reliability
  • Internal temperature sensor for thermal compensation
  • Compact, rugged design



DUNS: 985077255

NAICS: 334511

Short-Run Availability

Lead time on the AI-Q-1410 is available for delivery in four weeks for quantities between the range of 3-6.


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Parameters Units Values
Input Range g ±60
Bias mg <5
  One-year Composite Repeatability µg <1000
  Temperature Sensitivity µg/°C <90
Scale Factor mA/g 1.2 to 1.46
  One-year Composite Repeatability ppm <1000
  Temperature Sensitivity ppm/°C <180
Axis Misalignment µrad <7000
  One-year Composite Repeatability µrad <200
 Vibration Rectification µg/g2 RMS <60 (50-500 Hz)
<150 (500-2000 Hz)
Intrinsic Noise µg RMS <7 (0-10 Hz)
<70 (10-500 Hz)
<1500 (500-10000 Hz)
Operating Temperature °C -55 to +95
Shock g 250
Vibration Peak Sine g, Hz 20g @ 20 to 2000 Hz
Resolution/Threshold µg <1
Bandwidth Hz >300
Temperature Model Yes
Quiescent Current per Supply mA <16
Quiescent Power @±15VDC mW <480
Electrical interface Temp Sensor
Voltage Self Test
Current Self Test
Power/Signal Ground
-10VDC Output
+10VDC Output
Input Voltage VDC ±13 to ±28
Weight g 64 ±4
Diameter below mounting surface mm Ø 25.45 Max
Height – bottom to mounting surface mm 14.85 Max
Case Material 300 Series Stainless Steel


Accelerometer Dimensions (mm)


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