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Miniature, Robust & High-Reliable Gyroscope 


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Miniature Gyroscope

CVG-HT is a high-performance, miniature, robust, and high- reliability Coriolis Gyroscope. Designed to provide inertial angular rate measurement rotations about 1 reference axis, CVG-HT is a market-leading inertial sensor for downhole applications, including North seeking gyroscopic systems. Due to its 185°C operating temperature range and its very low Angular Random Walk parameter, the CVG-HT is unmatched by any other product available on the market.



Additional product specifications, outline drawings and block diagrams, and test data are available on request.


CVG-HT Dimensions (mm) Performance


Number of axis

1 axis angular measurement

Bias In-Run

At 185°C, over 3 min: ≤ 0.2° /hr (1σ)

At 125°C, over 3 min: ≤ 0.1° /hr (1σ)

Measurement Range

Fine Mode Measurement Range 

 ≤ ±20 ° /s (typical)

Course Mode Measurement Range

≤ ±80 ° /s (typical)

Angular Random Walk

≤0.005 °/√hr (typical)


Customised Dataface

 RS422 or Analogue

Customised Power Interface

(+VDC nominal)

Switch-on response time

≤ 1s

Warm up time 

≤ 5 min


Operating Temperature

 -40°C to +185°


≥ 15 Hz

Reliability (sensing element)

≥ 500,000 (MTBF)



≤34 mm (Diameter) x 26.2mm (Height)

Power Consumption

≤ 3 W


≤ 61 gr




The CVG-HT is a mechanical gyroscope and can be used for many applications within the Oil, Gas, Mining Survey Drilling Market. 

-Guidance of borehole survey instruments

-Navigation for drilling heads

-Pipeline inspection systems

-Finding North in mining, oil, and gas exploration




View our  CVG-HT Datasheet or contact us for more information. 

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