ARIETIS-NS is an ITAR free, space qualified, rad tolerant gyro. It uses automotive quality COTS that are upscreened in order to be able to withstand space environment in most Earth Orbit, telecom, re-entry vehicles and MEO missions. ARIETIS-NS is intended for New Space applications, constellations and megaconstellations. ARIETIS-NS is developed and qualified as per a mix of ESA and IPC standards, allowing InnaLabs® to adapt to customer Product Assurance requirements.

Code: IN-NS-E-10-DAS-001

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Performance Parameters Value
Measurement range 5°/s (full performance)

60°/s (limited performance)

Switch-on response tie ≤ 6s
ARW ≤ 0.005°/√hr
Bias stability over 24hr (steady temperature) ≤ 1.5°/hr (1σ)
Bias stability over 1hr (steady temperature) ≤ 0.3°/hr (1σ)
Bias errors (all effects, EOL) 5°/hr (max)
Scale Factor repeatability errors (all effects, EOL) ≤ 1000ppm (1σ)


Performance Parameters Value
EEE components COTS, automotive quality, TID/SEE screened
Output Angle increments or angular rates
Data Interface RS422 (baseline)
RS485 and CANbus optional
Reliability ≤ 1000 FIT at 30°C
Mass <1.5 kg
Power consumption ≤ 6W
Radiation EEE components to be qualified on a mission by mission basis
Power Interface 28VDC nominal and up to 50 VDC
Temperature range Qualified to a temperature range of -40°C (-40°F) to +70°C (+158°F)
Vibration profiles during launch 20 grms

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