InnaLabs® present at Starburst Accelerator in Los Angeles

InnaLabs® is delighted to present our inertial sensors at the next Starburst Accelerator in Los Angeles California.

Starburst Accelerator partners with industry leaders including to bring together operators, suppliers, inventors and venture investors to accelerate innovation in the aerospace industry, Starburst Accelerator introduces cutting-edge technology into the aviation and space supply chain.

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InnaLabs® Ltd is an Irish company based in Dublin which designs and manufactures ITAR-Free high-performance inertial sensors, including tactical grade Coriolis Vibratory Gyroscopes and navigation grade, Quartz Servo Accelerometers. InnaLabs® offer solutions for the aerospace, subsea, marine, space, energy, civil engineering, transportation and industrial markets. The company has recently completed the development of a range of specialist Coriolis Vibrating Gyroscopes which are today used in a variety of stabilisation and tactical applications. For more information please visit us at

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