InnaLabs® launch new family of high performance Quartz Servo Accelerometers


InnaLabs® launch a new family of high-performance Quartz Servo Accelerometers.

Dublin, Ireland: InnaLabs® Ltd has developed and manufactured a range of high-performance Quartz Servo Accelerometers for the navigation, control and measurement markets.  The InnaLabs® Quartz Servo Accelerometer Series uses state of the art quartz servo technology to provide high accuracy, repeatability and stability even in the harshest of environments.

The accelerometers are available in different ranges starting from ±30g up to ±60g and are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of applications including aerospace, transportation, marine, oil and gas and structural monitoring.

“The long-term stability and reliability of our accelerometers make them the ideal choice to meet the increasing needs of the demanding aerospace market” commented Dr Paul Sweeney VP of Sales and Marketing for InnaLabs®.  “The compact design and mounting options make them a form fit NON-ITAR replacement for other quartz servo accelerometers currently available on the market” he continued

Available with short lead times and competitive pricing, the InnaLabs® Quartz Servo Accelerometer Series provides system designers to meet the increasing demand for greater accuracy and reliability across a broad range of applications.

About InnaLabs®:

InnaLabs® develops and manufactures tactical grade Coriolis Vibratory Gyroscopes (CVG) and high-performance, quartz servo accelerometers for a wide range of demanding applications. InnaLabs® provide high-quality robust solutions for aerospace, land, marine, subsea, industrial, oil and gas, civil engineering, transportation and space applications.

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