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InnaLabs® to host a workshop on Inertial Sensors for Tactical and Navigation Grade Applications at the 7th Aviation and Avionics Systems Seminar.

Dublin, Ireland: InnaLabs® will host a workshop on “Inertial Sensors for Tactical and Navigation grade applications” at the 7th Aviation and Avionics Systems Seminar in Ankara, Turkey on the 26th of November 2014.

The workshop hosted by Dr Alberto Torasso will be focused on the role of high-performance inertial sensors in demanding applications such as aerospace systems, land vehicles, satellites, stabilised platforms including electro-optical and radars, precision drilling,  as well as high end scientific and industrial applications.

The workshop covers the advantages and limitations of the main gyroscope technologies together with key applications.   As tactical and navigation grade accelerometers are mainly based on quartz-pendulum force rebalance technology, the characteristics of these accelerometers are presented together with descriptions of applications and integration of accelerometers in complex systems such as Inertial Measurement Systems (IMU).

Case studies on the integration of an InnaLabs® gyroscope in an Electro/Optical stabilisation platform, and the integration of InnaLabs® accelerometers in an Inertial Measurement Unit will be presented. These test cases are used to describe the most important performance and operational characteristics of the inertial sensors and their impact on the systems in which are integrated.

Everybody is welcome to attend the workshop, with it being of particular interest to engineers who design, test, and manufacture complex systems requiring inertial sensors, controls engineers, experts in navigation, stabilisation, airborne, land, and marine systems.

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