Inertial Sensors and Systems (ISS) Symposium

InnaLabs® is excited to present the paper titled “Miniature Accelerometer for High-Dynamic, Precision Guided Systems” at the Inertial Sensors and Systems, Symposium Gyro Technology 19th-20th September 2017, Karlsruhe, Germany.

This annual event has become a traditional event for scientists and engineers from all over the world who are involved in navigation and motion control.


The symposium will host the following:

  • Latest inertial sensors
  • Navigation systems
  • Gyro technology
  • Applications of the technology
  • The development of new systems
  • Components and test procedures as well as investigations on cost and marketing aspects.


InnaLabs ISS Gyroscope

Jose Beitia, CTO InnaLabs


The author of the paper is Jose Beitia, InnaLabs® very own Chief Technical Officer, and product designer. The paper reports the release of a miniature high-performance accelerometer targeting high dynamic precision-guided systems.


Accelerometer sensors inertial InnaLabs

InnaLabs AI-Q-550 Accelerometer