Space Systems & Satellites

    Satellites and Space vehicles face many of the same navigation, guidance, and stabilisation challenges as terrestrial systems, but also have a range
    of additional challenges depending on their mission requirements.

    The majority of satellites require gyroscopes to measure angular speed and as a consequence to estimate satellite attitude. Many satellites require
    precise pointing and stabilisation of antennas or payloads (e.g. optical camera systems), thus driving the gyro requirement. Accelerometers are used
    in satellites for navigation as well as for Fault Detection Isolation and Recovery (FDIR) especially related to orbital manoeuvres and propulsion subsystem. 

    Rocket as well as other space systems such as re-entry vehicle need gyroscopes and gyros for navigation and flight control.

    Apart from on-board autonomous control, mission control back on Earth relies on sensor data to monitor on-board systems performance. This requires very
    reliable, rugged, often radiation hardened sensors with extremely long life. With 500,000 hours MTBF Innalabs gyros are extremely reliable and rugged.

    Space & Satellites

    Key attributes:

    • Low ARW
    • Low drift
    • Rad-Hard Electronics
    • Extremely long life
    • Reliability