USVs - Unmanned Surface Vessels

    Unmanned surface vessels frequently require the ability to operate in an automated or autonomous mode without direct inputs from a manned operator. As with manned vehicles, the on-board control systems require highly accurate data on the position, heading, speed, orientation, pitch, and roll, as well as data on other factors such as temperature and vibration. Even when stationary, the sea surface a generates additional movement and this causes challenges in keeping sensors on target as well as in station keeping activities. Even when a remote operator is in direct control he is relying purely on sensor data. The length of missions can vary from a few hours to months at sea, and sensor data is critical to the ability of the system to operate for extended periods.

    Accelerometers and Gyros are key tools to provide significant data monitoring capabilities and inputs into a vessel control system.

    Key attributes:

    • Low Noise
    • Good scale factor
    • Good Bias stability
    • High dynamic range
    • Good ARW
    • Rugged
    • Very long MTBF