Fixed Platform Stabilisation

    Fixed and static ground based platforms can suffer from disturbances such as vibration, environmental and climatic effects. Fixed platforms are base for large antenna arrays, optical sensors, radar systems, other data collection sensors as well as possible working/living locations for people such as oil rigs or observation towers.

    Their static nature means they do not require stabilization over a large bandwidth, but potentially suffer from lower frequency disturbances. The systems to be mounted on such platform will have requirements for directional stability, vibration reduction and even personnel comfort and safety, which will drive the selection of sensors and actuators.

    Accelerometers and gyros are key sensors for optimising fixed platform infrastructure.

    fixed platform stabilisation

    Key attributes:

    • Extremely low noise/ARW.
    • Good Bias stability:
    • Good vibration sensitivity
    • Scale factor linearity
    • Low measurement range
    • Quick start-up time: <1s
    • Large temperature range
    • Rugged with high MTBF