Automated Guided Vehicles

    Automated guided vehicles (AGV) can be found in many industrial and civil applications from warehouses to remote mining locations. There is an ever increasing drive to add automation, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. This combines with the safety implications of being able to remove people from hazardous environments or reduce the time people spend doing monotonous tasks, which in turn reduces fatigue on the person and increases safety. AGVs therefore make excellent technology to meet these demanding needs.

    Large container ports and freight handling facilities are frequently moving to unmanned technology to handle the vast throughput of containers. These cranes and vehicles require precise navigation to move freight around and avoid collision. Additionally it is important to monitor stress and loading on the systems to ensure any preventative maintenance programmes are optimised and any damage is monitored. Accelerometers and gyros play a key part in navigation, collision avoidance and monitoring of stresses and loading.

    automated guided vehicles

    Key attributes:

    • Low Noise/ARW
    • Good Bias stability
    • Scale factor is important
    • Rugged
    • Very long MTBF