Wind Farms

    As wind farms require constant condition monitoring, health and usage monitoring systems (HUMS) are becoming a standard fit to many turbines. It is important to be able to monitor stress and fatigue on blades, turbine shafts, and the physical structures themselves. Off shore structures also suffer additional structural stresses from large storms and it is vital to be able to understand the overall integrity of the systems from both a preventative maintenance and damage perspective. The use of accelerometers and gyros to measure both ad hoc damage, stress, fatigue and general motion/orientation of the systems is vital to maximising the life of the turbines. Any sensors need to be very rugged and reliable with long MTBF.

    Wind Farm

    Key attributes:

    • Low Noise/ARW
    • Good Bias stability
    • Scale factor stability
    • Rugged
    • Very high MTBF