Structural Health Monitoring

    Structural health monitoring performs structural characterisation and damage detection over time in order to provide reliable information regarding the integrity and serviceability of the structure. Accelerometers can be used to monitor the health of infrastructure such as buildings, bridges, dams, roads and tunnels by measuring their vibrations. This allows engineers to determine when important maintenance or repairs need to take place and detect eminent problems before they occur.

    The primary objective of monitoring is to ensure the longevity and safety of the infrastructure.  It plays a fundamental role during the construction stage enabling the verification of design hypotheses and construction process which can help speed construction process and increase quality.  
    This can lead to cheaper, safer and more durable structures with increased reliability, performance and safety. 


    Key attributes:

    •    Low noise/ARW
    •    Good bias stability
    •    Scale factor stability
    •    Rugged
    •    Very long MTBF