InnaLabs® GI-CVG-N1x00D is a family of single axis GI-CVG-N1100D and two axes GI-CVG-N1200D digital output Coriolis Vibratory Gyroscopes, with ≤50 deg/hr bias stability over the full temperature range (1s)  designed and manufactured to meet the operational requirements of inertial systems which require industrial grade performances, low output noise, large bandwidth, small size, low weight, robustness and high reliability.

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    • In run Bias stability (room temperature, 1σ, 90 sec) <0.22 °/hr
    • Low output noise (≤ 0.02 °/s RMS @ 100 Hz)
    • Very High MTBF (500,000 hrs)
    • Large bandwidth (≥ 300 Hz)
    • Robustness (800 g shock)
    • RS-422 interface

    Technical Highlights

    Output interface V DC Asynchronous RS-422
    Output signal rate Hz 7900
    Temperature compensation (Bias, SF) Yes
    Measurement range deg/sec ±160
    Bandwidth (-3dB) Hz ≥ 300
    In run Bias stability (room temp. 1σ) deg/hr ≤0.22
    Quiescent noise (1 – 100 Hz), RMS deg/sec ≤ 0.02
    Operational temperature degC -40 to +85
    Shock g, ms 800g, 0.6 ms half sine (Note #1)
    MTBF, (MIL-HDBK 217F) hours 500,000
    Note #1 Only applicable when the unit is rigidly fixed in an appropriate housing