The InnaLabs® AI-Q-2020 navigation grade accelerometer is the leading ITAR-Free choice for high-performance, high accuracy inertial navigation systems.

    The proven quartz flexure technology inside InnaLabs®’ accelerometers provides a very high input range and excellent long-term repeatability, which make the AI-Q-2020 an optimal solution for AHRS and strap-down INS in aerospace, marine and land applications.

    The AI-Q-2020 features an internal temperature sensor that allows the user to carry out temperature calibration and compensation, enhancing the bias, scale factor and axis misalignment performance over temperature.  

    State-of-the-art manufacturing processes enable InnaLabs® to offer AI-Q-2020 accelerometers at competitive prices. 

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    • Navigation grade performance (<220 μg one year bias composite repeatability)
    • High input range (up to ±60g measurement range)
    • Analogue current output
    • Compact, rugged design
    • High stability under temperature changes
    • High reliability
    • Internal temperature sensor for thermal compensation
    • Dual built-in self test

    Technical Highlights

    Input Range g ±60
    Bias mg <4
    One-year Composite Repeatability μg <220
    Temperature Sensitivity µg/°C <30
    Scale Factor mA/g 1.2 to 1.46
    One-year Composite Repeatability ppm <500
    Temperature Sensitivity ppm/°C <180
    Axis Misalignment µrad <2000
    Operating Temperature °C -55 to +95
    Shock g 250
    Weight g 71 ±4
    Diameter below mounting surface mm Ø 25.45 Max
    Height – bottom to mounting surface mm 14.85 Max
    Case Material 300 Series Stainless Steel

    Connector Pin Description

    1 Signal Out Analogue Acceleration output, current signal
    2 Current Torque Analogue Current input test pin
    3 Negative Power Supply Power -13 V to -28 V
    4 Positive Power Supply Power +13 V to +28 V
    5 Not Connected . N/A Do not connect to this pin
    6 Temperature Sensor Output Analogue Temperature output, current signal
    7 Voltage Self -Test Analogue Voltage input test pin
    8 Signal & Power Return Ground Ground reference for power supplies and signals
    9 -10 V DC Analogue Voltage output
    10 +10 V DC Analogue Voltage output