22 September 2015 | Posted in news

    InnaLabs┬« Ltd introduces New High Performance Navigation Grade Accelerometers →

    Today, at the Inertial Sensors and Systems Symposium Gyro Technology Conference at Karlsruhe, Germany, Mr Jose Beitia, Chief Technical Officer at InnaLabs® Ltd announced the release of new navigation grade performance Accelerometers to the InnaLabs® product portfolio.

    Utilising state of the art Quartz Servo technology to provide high accuracy, repeatability and stability even in the harshest of environments, these built in Europe accelerometers allow system designers to meet the increasing demand for greater accuracy and reliability across a broad range of applications. 

    Extending our portfolio of ITAR-Free Accelerometers, the AI-Q-2020 and AI-Q-2030 offer very high input range and excellent long term repeatability, which make them optimal solutions for Attitude Heading and Reference Systems and also strap-down Inertial Navigation Systems in aerospace, marine and land applications. 

    “In navigation, inertial sensing is a key necessity” said Mr. Dmitri Simonenko, CEO.  “In GPS denied areas, the high performance offered by these new Accelerometers from InnaLabs® is vitally important to be able to produce best-in-class Inertial Navigation Systems capable of maintaining an accurate picture of position and heading”. 

    Key Features:

    • High Input Range: ±60g
    • Bias: <4mg
    • Scale Factor: 1.2 to 1.46mA/g
    • Input Voltage: ±13VDC to ±28VDC
    • One Year Bias Composite Repeatability: 160µg & 220µg 
    • Navigation Grade Performance


    Download AI-Q-2020 and AI-Q-2030 datasheet and view product page.


    About InnaLabs®:

    InnaLabs® develops and manufactures high-performance, quartz servo accelerometers as well as tactical grade Coriolis Vibratory Gyroscopes (CVG) for a wide range of demanding applications. InnaLabs® provide high quality robust solutions for Aerospace, Land, Marine, Subsea, Industrial, Oil and Gas, Civil Engineering, Transportation and Space applications.


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