Management Team

    Dmitri Simonenko

    CEO and President

    Dmitri is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of InnaLabs®. 

    As the CEO and President of InnaLabs® Dmitri is responsible for leading the development and execution of the company’s long term strategy.                           

    Dmitri has extensive experience in operations management, marketing, corporate strategy, sales, software services and high technology devices.

    Proven track record in international business development and new product implementation in software and gyroscope device world market delivering 

    outstanding returns on invested capital and building successful teams. Dmitri has developed a new branch of the revolutionary technology of gyros (CVG),

    which changed the overall picture of the field of navigation.



    John O’Leary

    General Manager

    John joined the senior management team at InnaLabs in February 2012 as VP of Manufacturing. 

    He was appointed General Manager in September 2013. 

    As InnaLabs General Manager, John brings decades of world class manufacturing and international business experience to InnaLabs®. 

    He has a strong background in leading teams in fast-paced growth environments and is responsible for all aspects of InnaLabs business planning for the Dublin manufacturing facility.

    As General Manager he directs and leads the senior management team and reports to the CEO on all operational activities.



    José Beitia

    Chief Technology Officer

    José Beitia is Chief Technology Officer for InnaLabs® and the product designer for the CVG Gyroscope. 

    Jose joined InnaLabs® to bring to market the theoretical CVG designs that InnaLabs had developed.                  

    Prior to joining InnaLabs® Jose worked for 15 years with Sagem in France as their corporate expert in vibrating gyroscopes. 

    Jose is the designer of the Quapason gyroscope, one of the leading vibrating gyros on the market today.

    Jose is a recognised industry leader in vibrating gyroscopes and is the holder of 8 patents relating to Gyroscope design. 

    He is a regular contributor to industry leading scientific conferences and conventions.


    Dr Chris Fell

    R&D Director

    Chris joined InnaLabs® in April 2013, and has over 23 years experience in the design, development and fabrication of inertial sensors  

    for a wide range of automotive, commercial and aerospace applications.

    He is a named inventor on 31 patents and patent applications relating to the design, fabrication and control systems for inertial sensors. 

    Chris is a Chartered Engineer and has received many awards for innovation and has presented papers at numerous industry conferences and symposiums. 

    His career experience includes  Chief Technologist  United Technologies Aerospace Systems,  Principle Consultant Engineer at Goodrich Sensors &
    Systems, MEMS Development Team Leader Atlantic Inertial Systems and Senior Engineer at BAE Systems. 

    Chris has a PhD in Chemical Physics from the University of Sussex in the UK.


    James Coburn

    Vice President Quality

    James joined InnaLabs® in March 2012 and assumed the role of Head of Quality after establishing the infrastructure and work environment

    at the InnaLabs Headquarters in Dublin, Ireland.

    James’ role is to ensure that the processes needed for the Quality Management System (QMS) are established, implemented and maintained.

    He reports on the performance of the QMS and any need for improvement; promotes the awareness of customer requirements throughout the organisation and liaises

    with external assessment bodies on all matters related to the QMS accreditation process.

    James has over 20 years of success and expertise in medical device quality management systems and information technology operations.

    InnaLabs is headquartered in Dublin Ireland, which is home to our world class R&D and manufacturing facility. We hold 29 US and international patents for our best in class products.

    Why choose Innalabs?

    • European Supplier - ITAR Free Products
    • Quality - High Performance Inertial Sensors for Superior Reliability
    • Flexibility - Custom Solutions to meet your Project Needs
    • Value - Competitive Pricing and Fast Delivery
    • Support - Excellent Pre and Post Sale Customer Support
    • Innovation - Highly skilled and Experienced Engineering Team Committed to ongoing Research and Development