InnaLabs® at Saint Petersburg International Conference

InnaLabs® to present a paper on “Miniature Accelerometer for High-Dynamic, Precision Guided Systems” at Saint Petersburg International Conference on Integrated Navigation Systems. 29-31 May 2017, Elektropribor, CSRI, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

This annual conference has become a traditional event for scientists and engineers from all over the world involved in navigation and motion control to share the results of their investigations and discuss prospects for the future.

Conference Topics

  • Inertial Sensors, Navigation and Orientation Systems
  • MEMS Sensors and MEMS-based systems
  • Global Navigation Satellite Systems
  • Alternative Navigation Systems and Sensors
  • Guidance and Control Systems and their Components
  • Integrated Navigation and Motion Control Systems

Each topic covers the following aspects:

  • design features
  • methods and algorithms
  • application-specific features (aerospace, marine, surface, underground)
  • testing and metrology

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